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Pin-mailers in continious form

Printing and supplying pin-mailer forms according to the custom layout is our area of expertise.

We can deliver:

  • Three, four, five -ply pin-mailers in a folded continious form

  • Possible width: 190mm, 210mm, 240 mm or any according to the customer requirement.

  • Any layout due to the customer demands

  • We always have blank pin-mailers for small quantity sales

  • Warranty: 2 years.

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Courier forms with variable bar-code

We produce the courier forms for all Russian courier services

Our possibilities:

  • Any required ply quantity: 3, 4, 5 , 6 ,7 plies.

  • Variable linear or 2D code

  • We can use self-adhesive paper as one of the plies for you courier form our die-cut the stickets

  • Mailer gluing (EMS courier form)

You can also order with us

  • Postal envelopes

  • Carboard courier envelopes

  • Cargo labels

  • Dangerous class labels

  • Labels

  • Sealing stickers

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Any form or tag for airline industry

Russian Airlines and Airports have been using our products for more than 15 years already. Our products are in full accordance with the IATA regulations.

Our products:

  • ATB Boarding passes in a folded or reel form (Thermopaper, 172 gr, full-color)

  • ABT baggage tags in rolls (Self-adhesive thermopaper)

  • Airline Security Sticker

  • Airwaybills (with red hot spot carbon) AWB ), airtickets , MCO (miscellaneous charges order)

  • Hand luggage tags , loading reoprts , aircraft technical logbooks (ATLB) and other.

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Forms and printing products for the insurance industry

Printing the top quality insurance forms is only one part of our service: we also provide the expertise in the area of adding security elements to the forms thus increasing the value of our services.

Our products:

  • Insurance policies with numbering or barcoding

  • A7 receipt with numbering or barcoding

  • Insurance Rules Brochures

  • Machine readable forms

  • OCR numbering

  • Variable printing on any already printed susbstrate

  • Printing and delivering services for the insurance direct-mail programmes

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Supplying forms for government needs.

Our company is participating in government procurement procedures supplying the forms all over Russia. Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Migration Service, Ministry of Education are among of our permanent customers.


  • Supply of the migration cards for the Federal Migration Service for more that 10 years

  • Supply of the forms for the Unified State Exam

  • Supply of medical certificates

  • Printing and supply of administrative bills and reports for the Police service.

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Supplying print products for the Telecommunication industry

Printing the contract forms , registration forms , infocards , carriers for SIM-cards .


  • Maximum ply quantity - 12

  • We can use different types of paper in a form: offset paper, coated paper, carbonless copy paper.

  • Supplying the multy-ply forms in a continious form.

  • We can print with neutralizing ink to provide the original copy of the subscriber signature on each ply

  • We can make collator gluing, different types of perforation (micro, selective or other), numbering, barcoding or hot-spot carbon printing.

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We print and supply complicated forms for Russian Post

We have developed mass production of complicated forms for Russian Post Service.

  • Form N119 production .

  • EMS E1 form printing

  • Form N20

  • Printing of Barcode Post Identificator Tags

  • Many other.

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We have a vast experience of printing of the direct mail jobs and material for direct mail campaignes.

With us you can order:

  • Reels or cut-sheet forms on uncoated or coated paper

  • UV or conventional inks

  • Max colors quantity: 5+5

  • We can make reels with line hole punching (transport perforation)

  • Selective perforation

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We produce security printing products

We can add following security elements to any printed in our company product

  • Iris

  • Watermark

  • Rosette

  • Microtext

  • Hot spot carbon

  • Numbering with metallized ink

  • Special inks

  • Variable data printing

  • Laser perforation

  • others

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